Find steps for pvt ltd company registration in Ghaziabad and India

Most people dream of opening their company in today’s era but fewer succeed in it. The reason behind this is not because it is quite difficult to open a company and become a boss, but the reason is that people are not aware of its basic rules and procedures. Because of which, the dream of doing as well as increasing its own business remains incomplete. In this case, if you want to open your company, then you need to know its complete process. That is…


First of all the Company registration in Ghaziabad has to be completed. Nowadays, this process has become much easier by doing it online, but still it takes two weeks for the Company registration in Ghaziabad. Registration forms can be submitted online as well as offline.

Attractive name:

The most important thing is that the company’s name should be retractable. Also, the relevant document should be deposited as soon as the registration process begins, so that the company does not take much time to register. At least 2-15 members should be connected to open a company.

Two share holders:

Private Limited should have at least 2-15 directors and at least 2 share holders. Apart from this, after the permit of the Corporate Affairs Ministry (MCA), 200 stock holders can also be kept.

18 years old:

Applicants should not be less than 18 years of age to become director of a private limited company. With any degree of requisition, an ordinary person can also become a director. Most notably, foreign citizens can also become directors of private limited company.

Choice of place:

To start the company, it is mandatory to give the government a fee of at least 1 lakh rupees. Apart from this, a place is required to start the company from where the company would be operated. This place can be within the commercial, industrial and residential area.

The required documents:

At the time, for pvt ltd company registration in India, it is necessary to have identity card, PAN card, address proof, identity card, voter ID, etc. To get the registration of the company, first you need to fill up the form INC-29 and submit it with the necessary documents in the office of the Registrar of Companies.

Standard-fast track

The standard fast track package is Rs. 19,899. It includes accounting software setup, share certificates and company folders. After this you can start your pvt ltd company registration in India by talking to your business advisor.


How To Process GST and Company Registration In Delhi and Ghaziabad

Today, most of the companies are registering their organization under GST. In Ghaziabad, there are lots of companies available to offer business registration process. The registration process is provided for both public and Private Sector Company in these days. As per the new company, there are different rules and regulations available to make registration process. If you like to make Company registration in Ghaziabad, choose the best company to get more services for your business. Thus, company registration is processed in a professional manner to most of the corporate companies in Delhi. With the professional services business, man can get more legal requirements in their business and maintain

Procedure for company formation in Delhi:

Documents required:

Important documents needed to registering your company is PAN card that issued by the income tax department, two passport size, and clear image of the required documents. Company registration in Ghaziabad gives more option to make registration.

Payment option:

The payment process is processing on three parts. By using these processes business can initiate a process of the incorporation.

Application with a signature:

They will offer the required documents for signature from the promoters.

Filling documents:

If you do not have perfect document for registering your company, they help to prepare documents based on the company incorporation and file all the authorities in one file. After finishing the application process, GST registration in Delhi offers you file made for your company with a digital signature.

Benefits of registering the company in GST:

Goods and service tax (GST) is offered for most of the organization who like to get more growth in their business. The GST registration in Delhi gives proper accounting service that can be utilized for payment of the business. Businesses get the authorized sales tax from their customer and pass on the credit of taxes paid.  The GST helps to provide legal service to the businesses. Past few years, more than lacs of company registered in India. In Delhi, numbers of online registration for business have increased in previous years. There are major reasons for choosing this registration process for business.

People in Delhi are operating their business in traditional, now they jump to register their company in Delhi. There are many corporate offices in NCR that based on e-commerce companies. This offers captive market for the startup businesses. The service supports to begin new business such as printing shop, financial institution, company registration consultants and more.